4 Ways a Search Firm Can Help Extend Your Brand

At Moss Search, we have always considered the work we do to be an extension of our client's brand. This has been key to our success for more than two decades in the search industry. Here are our areas of focus when doing a search for a client:

We make sure that we have a thorough understanding of the client’s culture, their business, their competitors, and the specific requirements for their open positions. This is accomplished through a series of meetings with hiring managers, internal recruiting and human resources professionals.

There are several benefits to doing this work at the beginning of a search for our clients.

  1. The first benefit is consistency. This means that what our recruiters tell prospective candidates matches exactly what the candidates hear when they interview with the client on site. We make sure that we are able to answer all candidate questions regarding culture, career path, training, technical requirements, compensation, benefits and more.
  2. The second benefit of this approach is professionalism. We recruit highly technical software engineers, sales engineers, executives, data scientists and more. We treat all of these different candidates with professionalism and respect. Also, our extensive experience allows us to speak to them intelligently about the varied aspects of their jobs, as we determine together what their priorities are when making a job change.
  3. The third benefit of our approach is communication. We maintain open lines of communication with internal recruiters and human resource professionals, hiring managers and candidates. We work diligently throughout the recruiting process to make sure candidate questions are answered in a timely manner with accurate information. We work just as hard to make sure that any client questions about an applicant’s qualifications or job search are answered in an equally professional way.
  4. The fourth benefit of this process is offers that are accepted. Following this process is what has given Moss Search one of the industry’s highest ratings for offer acceptance throughout our history. Candidates who receive an offer on behalf of our clients accept those offers more than 98% of the time.

These are the 4 ways that Moss Search acts as an extension of the client’s brand. Our client partners work very hard to position their brand in a positive way. They also put the time and the energy into developing a positive candidate experience. Our clients have unique corporate cultures and we work equally as hard representing the different aspects of those cultures to our candidates.